The story

The origins of our company date back to 1975, when the sharp intuition of founder and president of COMAFER, Luciano Peroni, led him to launch standard production of the first briquetting presses. COMAFER has always been engaged in ambitious research and development activity into the compacting of waste materials.

Ongoing investment in design and development and the ability to learn from experience have enabled creation of a complete range of briquetting presses, grinders and shredders with cutting-edge technology and performance. Our machines can handle numerous types of waste materials, including wood, metal, paper, banknotes, cotton, yarn, plastic, buttons, polyester, polystyrene, polyurethane, fodder, feed, medicinal herbs, spelt, hay, straw, coffee, tobacco, leather, and much more.

COMAFER has grown to become the market leader with over 18,000 machines sold. We have always stuck to the philosophy underpinning our group’s business for all these years, leading to our current UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification:
to maintain a constant balance between technology, components and quality at a reasonable price.

In fact, we believe that our commitment can take us beyond the design and creation of superior-quality machinery.
“Made in Italy” excellence, today...

COMAFER quality philosophy

COMAFER has always considered quality to be a cornerstone of our strategy, promoting quality commitment at all levels of the company.
This led us to engage prestigious partner SGS in 1999 to handle our Quality Management System according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, subsequently obtaining this important certification.

Constantly striving for quality requires involvement, training and updating of human resources and translates into a plan with clearly defined, quantifiable goals and targets based on level within the business.

The following priority goals have been defined:

  • To monitor suppliers, guaranteeing high levels of quality and delivery times in line with requests.

  • To maintain machine assembly times within the established limits.

  • To guarantee the highest level of quality of all components, guaranteeing reliable products that add value and last over time.

COMAFER promotes a methodical approach within the business, focused on systematic collection of data and information and detailed processing, for planning of required corrective actions or improvements.
The Quality Policy is regularly reassessed and revised, as necessary, to support dissemination and clear understanding.
Aware of our leadership role, we propagate and support commitment to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System and constantly improve efficiency.

COMAFER Corporate Policy

Over the years we have followed a path leading to consolidation of operating practices and company procedures, achieving ISO 9001 certifications, and now the Company intends to align its practices with the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Having a competitive approach is far more complex than its once was, as Customers demand more for less and our competitors are more aggressive than ever. This has driven us to reduce costs whilst still maintaining the high quality of our products: therefore, constant planning and monitoring of production has become a fundamental goal, with strengthening of the skills and knowledge of the entire organisation. Over the years, we have consolidated the foundations of our business, and the market recognises our dependable and professional approach, but we still have to drive on and improve. The future of our company is based on these pillars:

Customer-centric perspective and market analysis

The requirements of our customers must be understood and sit at the centre of all day-to-day operations. When we refer to the “customer”, we actually mean an organisation made up of people with the same problems that we face every day. Our task is to stand alongside these people by providing a reliable product that meets their expectations. In this context, the investments made by COMAFER over the past few years have gone into studying new machines featuring innovative technologies, to increase the quality of the products.

Service-quality risk analysis

The complexity of the contexts in which our products are used demands a careful analysis of critical issues that may emerge during the normal running of operations, also as a result of the observance of the laws governing the mechanical engineering sector. A detailed analysis of historical factors regarding probability of occurrence, the severity of production impacts and the ease of detection, allows us to monitor the most dangerous situations and thus implement preventive measures or launch specifically identified management actions.

Responsibility and leadership

In organisations of our dimensions, it is key that every individual is their own manager and approaches their duties as such. Coordinators of the various units are responsible for creating the conditions that enable excellent collaboration between individuals.

Process-based approach and continual improvement

The company has a process-based structure and these processes must be effective and efficient; every year, the Management defines the indicators and targets for process measuring and monitoring activities, the results of which are passed on to our personnel.
During the annual data analysis, initiatives are agreed to support continual improvement and all company personnel are invited to actively participate in this process.

Relationships with contractors and suppliers

To provide a high-quality service, suitable suppliers and contractors are key. It is the responsibility of all personnel, working together with the Quality Manager and heads of unit, to select suppliers and establish transparent and fruitful relationships.


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