Why shred bulky metal chips?

By using specific shredders, bulky waste metal chips from mechanical machining processes can be recycled and transformed into a shredded product suitable which can then be transported on appropriate belts and briquetted.

Reduction in volume
Bulky shredded wood scrap sensibly reduces its volume once briquetted, making work environments far more organised and efficient, while optimising their spaces and reducing the need for labour.
Lower handling and transport costs
They reduce the handling and management process of the product to be briquetted thus reducing internal and external transport costs (use of the forklift truck and, consequently, the time operators dedicate to collecting scrap).
70% lower recycling costs
Shredding optimises the production of briquettes with all the resulting advantages.

We have a testing room available for our customers to test together with our specialised technicians any type of material and to present our extensive range of briquetting presses and grinders.

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